Convenience/Fuel Stores

The XProtean® C-Station™ Point-of-Sale solution effectively processes all customer sales transactions within a store and captures business data needed to gain real-time insight into store operations. C Station’s - rich and user-friendly interface provides store employees with ease of use and reduces training time, resulting in improved customer service. C-Station™ provides advanced features and capabilities that can change the Point-of-Sale into a Point-of-Service by helping the cashiers, the most vital point of contact with the consumers, to serve customers accurately and promptly thus making their shopping experience truly convenient and worthwhile.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

  • Interactive and easy-to-learn display puts the cashier in the driver’s seat in the minimum possible time. With a basic orientation to start with, C-Station™ guides the cashier on what to do next.

Rich Interaction for Better Sales

  • Provides friendly interaction through either a touch-screen or a keyboard.

  • Provides friendly interaction through either a touch-screen or a keyboard.

  • Distinct audible alerts for non-scanned products, Voids, No Sale, etc.

  • Easy log-in and log-out.

  • Allows only one cashier to log-on at any point of time.

  • Suggestive messages to the cashier to up-sell.

  • Ease of counting cash by using the on-screen calculator at the time of logging in & logging out.

  • Forces safe drops depending on preset limit.

  • Product buy-downs by quantity.

  • Allows tender type splitting on a single sale.

  • ‘Sale Resume’ feature facilitates cashiers to add more items to the sale upon customer’s request.

  • Suspend mode to keep the checkout process going.

Effective Customer Service

  • Provides a simpler, faster, and more secure checkout process.

  • Electronic display provides information on the customer side on price, quantity, fuel sales, amount tendered, total, and change due.

  • Faster credit / debit card transaction processing time (as quick as 3 seconds on a DSL line)

  • Capability of handling multiple tender types such as Cash, Credit, Debit, Food Stamp, Manufacturer Coupons, Store Coupons, Checks, EBT, etc

  • ID checked confirmation on age sensitive items like - lotto, lottery, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.

Easy Fuel Transactions

  • Interfaces with all major fuel dispensers.

  • Easy fuel authorization and collection.

  • Gas refunds & pump status from any C-Station™ terminal.

  • Credit card pre-authorization available for prepaid gas locations.

  • Sale Stacking

Complete Product Control

  • Complete product scanning and PLUs for unscannable items.

  • Capability to capture UPCs of unscannable items to assist in adding the products into the Price Book.

  • Restricts Food Stamps tender type to only Food Stamp eligible items.

Promotions on the Fly

  • Promotions can be enabled to run at any desired time (date/hours) on a real-time basis.

  • Promotions on multi-packs can be handled efficiently.

Enhanced Reporting

  • Easy shift reports & cash accountability enable quick changeover of shifts.

  • Generates detailed shift reports – sales by categories, transaction count by each category, Voids, No-Sales, Safe Drops.

  • All cashier activities are logged & printed on shift report including Voids, Deletes, No Sale etc. with exact time and transaction amount.

  • Unique cash formula accounts for cashier’s shortages right in the shift report.

  • Pay-in and Pay-out by relevant category on the register.

Better Receipts

  • Formats and prints receipts with customized headers and footers including Sales ID, store/corporate logos.

  • Prints receipts with a unique sales ID in the form of a barcode to ease refunds.

  • Stores and retrieves previous transactions by date & time for issuing duplicate receipts.

Reliable, Secure & Efficient

  • No single point of failure. Each POS independently talks to the fuel controller via LAN.

  • Designed and deployed with standard hardware components for better performance, flexibility and for minimizing cost. C-Station™ is OPOS compliant.

  • Windows XP Embedded version available.

  • Remote connectivity requires VPN access, thereby reducing network security threats.

  • Each POS can store data locally in case of connectivity failure and automatically synchronizes when the connection is restored.

  • Capability to interface with video surveillance cameras.

  • Role based security restricts cashiers from using managerial functions such as fuel price change and other product price changes.

  • Reduces cashier theft by allowing you to monitor all the sales transactions by cashier and POS remotely via a web interface.

Additional Interfaces

  • CRIND (Pay at the Pump) interface for all major dispensers for both Credit and Debit cards.

  • In dispenser cash acceptors

  • Car wash controllers

  • Tank gauge/ leak detection systems

  • Electronic Price Signs

The XProtean® C-BOSS™ is a powerful back-office management system designed to deliver greater control over key areas of store operations. It is built with exceptional tools and reporting capabilities that provide the manger with the ability to properly plan and control all mission critical processes in a more efficient and economical manner. C-BOSS provides management and reporting functionality around Price-Book Management, Inventory Management, Cash Management, Fuel Management and all other store management needs. This enhanced reporting highlights the ‘current state of affairs’ and allows the manager to focus on issues that need immediate attention and to improve overall efficiency, optimize all store operations, and provide effective customer service.

Enhanced Reporting

  • Provides elaborate and customizable shift & day reports.

  • Provides detailed shift report for each employee including cash balancing, safe drops, ‘Deletes’, ‘Voids’, ‘No Sales’, Sales by Category, Grade Sales, Meter Sales by pumps.

  • Consolidated reports by day, week, month, year or for any user-defined date range.

  • Creates detailed customer databases to analyze customer behavior and buying trends at each store location.

Product Management

  • Easy and standard product search by UPC/PLU, SKU, Description, Supplier, Category & Department.

  • Multiple suppliers can be assigned to the same product.

  • Automatically suggests retail price based on ‘desired profit’ assigned to a product, department or category.

  • Unique alerts for food-stamp acceptable products, suggestive messages for cashiers to up-sell.

Price Book Management

  • Easy price book maintenance with capability to make retail prices and costs to become effective at a future date, define promotional prices that can run for a pre-defined date and hour period.

  • Price Groups & Cost Groups allow quick price and cost changes for products grouped together for ease of management.

Inventory Management

  • Informs the store manager about inventory levels of each individual product as well as fuel products and helps to ensure that the right products are stocked in the right quantities. A great tool to keep a check on any unusual variances, inventory shrinkage and ‘out-of-stock’ situations.

  • Generates and submits a suggested Purchase Order based on inventory levels for a specific vendor or product category or product.

  • Matches supplier invoices against deliveries and purchase orders. Supports electronic ordering.

  • Supports synchronization with RF Handheld devices like C-HANDY™. Updates inventory and checks variances on a real time basis.

  • A great assistant in Category Management by analytical use of pre-configured and customizable reports on various data for product categories.

Fuel Management

  • Track Fuel deliveries.

  • Track fuel inventory efficiently using various fuel management tools based on dip readings or data collected from tank monitoring devices.

  • Unique pool margin tool.

  • Web based fuel price control allows store managers to change gas prices instantly

  • Real time alerts can be paged to managers about tank inventory levels and pressure levels.

Employee Management

  • Ability to define access levels to various employees at the Point of Sale system based on their level of authority and responsibility.

  • Effectively records employee time/attendance and facilitates payroll.

Better receipts

  • Formats and prints receipts with customized headers and footers including Sales ID, store/corporate logos.

  • Prints receipts with a unique sales ID in the form of a barcode to ease refunds.

  • Stores and retrieves previous transactions by date & time for issuing duplicate receipts.

Network Security

  • Remote connectivity only through secure VPN access minimizes all network security risks. Uses Sonicwall Internet security appliances with backup Analog Modem for high performance & reliability.


  • Reports can be saved in various formats like MS-Word, MS-Excel, etc. allowing them to be easily transferable as soft copies across the organization.

  • Interfaces with major accounting software packages (Microsoft Great Plains, Solomon etc.).

XProtean’s C-CIMS™ is the Corporate Integrated Management System for the convenient store chains which delivers the power of information, planning and decision-making in the hands of corporate management on a real time basis through Microsoft’s 3-tier architecture with advanced load balancing and scalability.

C-CIMS™ enables to receive the desired information from each store on an ‘up to the minute ‘ basis in forms of numerous pre-customized reports and various selection criteria. The stores can be grouped based on desired classification like geographical regions, demography, ownership (Franchise/COCO) or any other basis that the corporate management may like to form. The information data can be viewed as per the group or individual store. The reports can be received at a pre-determined schedule to a designated person, or can be called in at any time. The report features allow to drill down various layers in reports from a consolidated report to an individual item level, making it possible to see the composition of the final numbers.

C-CIMS™ gives the corporate management ability to send information to the extent of an individual POS (C-STATION™) in each store or a group of stores or one particular store. Though the information is sent across on a real time basis, its execution can still be defined to happen at a pre-determined future date and hour. The information may include addition of new products, change in prices, or any promotions.

C-CIMS™ makes it possible to access a large amount of data gathered from all the different transactions and interactions happening either at the POS or in the back office, and analyze the available information to form progressive decisions for a store and its resources. The trends can be used to forecast and plan for future, unusual variances can be used to correct any aberration well in time, making it possible for the management to adopt a pro-active role rather than a reactive one. The sales figures can be analyzed to plan future promotions, purchases and build-to levels, whereas the information on a cashier’s pattern of ‘VOID’, ‘NO SALE’ and ‘DELETE’ may be an indicator of some wrong doing that may require a corrective action or re-training.

C-CIMS™ supports the ability to maintain different vendors for one specific item in different locations as well as in one location. The product detail for each vendor makes it easier to compare the cost differences and make the choice of most efficient purchase.

C-CIMS™ Fuel Utilities and Reports make it possible to a have a better handle on this category. The available utilities and POOL MARGIN tool help the management to calculate the most effective retail for each grade of fuel at each of its location to achieve a pre-determined pool margin based on the information of the sales, costs, competition prices, and the period selected to base the result of desired retail price calculation. The real time availability of the information on competition prices from the locations to the corporate management via pre-set alerts can help to react instantaneously and stay competitive in a volatile market situation.

C-CIMS™ features import and export utilities to input price books from vendors and other sources via common worksheet formats, as well as to export reports in commonly used formats like MS Excel, MS Word, etc. for export as an attachment with e-mails.

The XProtean® C-PAYMENT™ card processing system is designed and built into C-Station™ point of sale system. This powerful combination enables faster card processing and quick confirmation via different credit processing networks. C-Payment™ can process any type of card transaction like VISA™, MASTERCARD™, DISCOVER™, AMEX™ and Debit networks.

C-PAYMENT™ is certified by ConcordEFS Network, now a part of First Data Corporation.

Efficient operation

  • C-PAYMENT™ along with C-STATION™ allows you to process cards at POS itself, and eliminates all other card re-entry points making your operations more efficient and effective. This also enables easier reporting and reconciliation of transactions.

Reduce Costs

  • With C-PAYMENT™ solution, store operators can now eliminate all other payment devices (card payment terminals) and associated phone lines. This helps to reduce setup costs while freeing valuable counter space. Dial-By-ISP interface available for locations where DSL is unavailable.

Improved Customer Service

  • C-PAYMENT™ provides faster, secured card processing and quick confirmation (as quick as 3 seconds) resulting in faster checkout time and improved customer service.

Acquiring new customers can cost five times more than satisfying and retaining current ones. Most retailers understand the value of customer relationship management and seek innovative ways to build customer loyalty. XProtean’s integrated loyalty program creates a new competitive advantage for the retailers in retaining customers and target market efforts to their most valuable customers. Gone are the days of paper punch cards or mail-in rebates. Customer loyalty at each swipe on the aPOS.

Gift cards compliment retailers’ business and help increase sales, eliminate cash refunds, save time and energy and become a walking billboard for the business. XProtean’s integrated Gift Card program enables to issue, redeem, reload and answer balance inquiries for the gift cards.