General Retail

The XProtean® XPSTATION™ Point-of-Sale solution effectively processes all the customer sales transactions within a store and captures business data needed to gain real-time insight into store operations. Q-STATION’s rich and user-friendly interface provides store employees with easy of use and less training time resulting in improved customer service

The XProtean® XP-BOSS™ is a powerful back-office management system designed to deliver greater control over key areas of store operations. It is built with exceptional tools and reporting capabilities which provide the manager with the ability to properly plan and control all mission critical processes in a more efficient and economical manner.

The XProtean® XP-CIMS™ gives the corporate management ability to send information to the extent of an individual POS (Q-STATION™) in each store or a group of stores or one particular store. Though the information is sent across on a real time basis, its execution can still be defined to happen at a pre-determined future date and hour. The information may include addition of new products, change in prices, or any promotions.

The XProtean® C-PAYMENT™ card processing system is designed and built into C-Station™ point of sale system. This powerful combination enables faster card processing and quick confirmation via different credit processing networks. C-Payment™ can process any type of card transaction like VISA™, MASTERCARD™, DISCOVER™, AMEX™ and Debit networks.

C-PAYMENT™ is certified by ConcordEFS Network, now a part of First Data Corporation.

Efficient operation

  • C-PAYMENT™ along with C-STATION™ allows you to process cards at POS itself, and eliminates all other card re-entry points making your operations more efficient and effective. This also enables easier reporting and reconciliation of transactions.

Reduce Costs

  • With C-PAYMENT™ solution, store operators can now eliminate all other payment devices (card payment terminals) and associated phone lines. This helps to reduce setup costs while freeing valuable counter space. Dial-By-ISP interface available for locations where DSL is unavailable.

Improved Customer Service

  • C-PAYMENT™ provides faster, secured card processing and quick confirmation (as quick as 3 seconds) resulting in faster checkout time and improved customer service.

Acquiring new customers can cost five times more than satisfying and retaining current ones. Most retailers understand the value of customer relationship management and seek innovative ways to build customer loyalty. XProtean’s integrated loyalty program creates a new competitive advantage for the retailers in retaining customers and target market efforts to their most valuable customers. Gone are the days of paper punch cards or mail-in rebates. Customer loyalty at each swipe on the aPOS.

Gift cards compliment retailers’ business and help increase sales, eliminate cash refunds, save time and energy and become a walking billboard for the business. XProtean’s integrated Gift Card program enables to issue, redeem, reload and answer balance inquiries for the gift cards.